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Plum - Rhubarb Bar with Seeds & Almonds



All bars have dual effects: they provide and restore energy after loads and, as observed in studies, they can also be used before or during exercise. Analysis and tests confirm that thanks to the active substances contained in the composition, which are especially necessary and participate in the synthesis and regeneration of energy, the products perform their prescribed functions and ensure both the maintenance of energy and the restoration of forces after loads. The natural origins and naturally preserved nutritional values (fibre, protein, valuable fatty acids, and the powerful antioxidant vitamin E) is noted as special values; the product contains these values in sufficient concentrations, favourably affecting the regenerative capacity of the body and simultaneously protecting it from various negative side effects that occur in the body after loads and physical activities.

100g of product contains:

Potassium - 508mg (25% NRV)

Fe (iron) - 3.04 mg (22% NRV)

Omega 3 - 0.2g

Omega 6- 5.5g

Omega 9- 8.3g

Zinc - 2.06mg (21% NRV)

Mg (magnesium) - 131mg (35% NRV)

Mn (manganese) - 2.07 mg (104% NRV)

Protein - 10.9g

Fiber - 11.1 g

! Rich source of fiber

We offer energy bars in 3 different flavors: strawberry-cranberry, plum-rhubarb and apple-pumpkin, which is fully organic. These bars have a pleasant, sweet and sour berry taste with an also present taste of nuts and almonds. The texture is light, well digestible but sufficiently juicy and filling. The strawberry-cranberry bars have a particularly pronounced taste of cedar nuts, which goes well with strawberries, but ruby red cranberries give them their spiciness. The combination of plums and rhubarb provides interesting taste nuances, their soft texture allowing you to fully enjoy the unique taste of each ingredient, but the sour berry glaze - a real explosion of vitamins on the tongue! The apple-pumpkin bar will be a great find for those who like sweeter taste, especially juicy, with a tangled note of almonds and an unusual yet pleasing hemp taste!

Choose your favorite!

100% natural energy!


The functionality and nutritional value of these products is based on their natural origin. The quality of the taste and the fact that they are completely different from similar products currently available on the market, both in terms of their composition and their pasty consistency, is noteworthy. The products contain a naturally preserved full nutritional complex, including vitamins and trace elements.

This bar contains only natural ingredients, without any added preservatives or colorants. They are not needed because the main "natural colorants" of our bars are the biological pigments found in berries. There are 4 groups of pigments: CAROTENOIDS (red, yellow and orange pigments), ANTHOCYANINS (blue, red, purple pigments, depending on the pH of the environment), CHLOROPHYLL (green pigment), and PHYCOBILINS (blue, red pigments).

Our bars contain the first two - carotenoids and anthocyanins, which are also naturally powerful antioxidants. Our soft, distinctly green rhubarb bar is unique in the sense that it is given a lot of color by the rhubarb itself as well as the green seed kernels it contains.

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