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Christmas syrup

SPECIAL HOLIDAYS CALL FOR A SPECIAL TREAT - THE HOT CHRISTMAS SYRUP! A useful gift to bring to the holiday table! Sophisticated taste that will make your drink irresistible, because the syrup is rich in the best spices found in nature - vanilla pods, cinnamon sticks, cardamom seeds, which together with fresh cranberry syrup form a composition that will be appreciated by any lover of winter drinks.

SYRUP contains almost no sucrose. Instead, the sweetness is given by natural berry and fruit sugars. The syrup will also be great for making cool, Christmas-themed ice cocktails, or hot and aromatic tea.

100g of product contains:

Calories: 132

Carbohydrates - 32mg

Sugars - 32g:

- glucose 12 g

- fructose 15g

- sucrose 5g

Protein - 0.9g

! Only 5% sucrose

We offer a wide range of syrups with different taste bouquets. Both - pure and concentrated, combined in cocktails, with exquisite natural spices such as saffron, vanilla pod, cardamom, cinnamon sticks. The sweeter, more neutral syrups are especially suitable for adding to coffee. We also recommend our special "RB CEP" syrup, a great alternative to sugar, primarily used for sweetening dough. Adding it to your dough will result in aromatic baked goods with a berry taste and minimal, but sufficient sweetness. In addition, thanks to the properties of „RB CEP”, pancakes get a firmer structure, so they are easy to use for a variety of sweet or salty fillings. Syrup cocktails "Lolo-Jums" supplemented with natural spices are ideal for making beverages, but they also work great when added to alcoholic cocktails. Try it and you will see how only a small amount of this aromatic syrup can change your cocktail beyond recognition… 

Or take the syrups obtained with the innovative method, with a honey-like consistency and try these thick berry syrups with a piece of Parmesan or soft BRIE cheese, mmm…. a taste for real gourmets! Enjoy these valuable syrup products and unleash your imagination to make great meals!

Our syrups are rich in various biologically active substances that come from the berry juice extracts we use in the production of syrups.

One part of the valuable vitamins and active substances remain in the berries, but the other part, although not reaching the 15% reference value, still contains enough important elements whose presence in syrups is worth mentioning in terms of their biological value.

Raspberries-C vit. 8.8mg / 100g, iron 0.208mg / 100g, strawberry-C vit. 40.6mg / 100g, magnesium 9.98mg / 100g, blackcurrant-C vit. 158mg / 100g, iron 0.64mg / 100g, cherries - potassium 91.2mg / 100g, copper 0.02mg / 100g, magnesium 9.18mg / 100g, iron 0.092mg / 100g, blueberry-magnesium 6.24mg / 100g, E vit <0.1 mg / 100g, quince-85mg / 100g, cranberries-12.2mg / 100g, plum-magnesium 6.32mg / 100g, apples-magnesium 35mg / kg, iron 0.88mg / kg, sea-buckthorn . 64.4mg / 100g, E vit.2.4mg / 100g, gooseberries-C vit.22.5mg / 100g, E vit. 1.5 mg / 100 g.

Syrups contain "natural dyes" - the biological pigments of the berries - CAROTINOIDS (red, yellow and orange pigments) and ANTOCYANES (blue, red, purple pigments, depending on the pH of the environment). The main ingredients of these syrups are the juice extracts as well as berry particles that are not filtered from the syrups, so these syrups retain their full, bright colors, creating different shades depending on the particular berries in the syrup.

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