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BIO Apple - Pumpkin Bar with Seeds & Almonds

Berry-fruit and vegetable bars, with nuts, almonds and seeds, in berry glazes - a truly heavenly natural energetic! Our bars are functional, delicious and based on science. They have been created in cooperation with the Latvian University of Agriculture – as a part of the project of the development of a new, innovative group of energy products. These bars are recommended by the Association of Dietitians and approved by the LSPA. The bars are easy to digest and have a pleasant consistency, without separate, pronounced pieces of ingredients, therefore, due to their soft consistency, this product is popular with children and seniors. Choose sweet strawberries, with cedar nuts, or the mild flavors of rhubarb and pumpkin seeds, but for those who love something more extreme - they should definitely taste our glazed berry explosives - a real vitamin explosion on the tongue!

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