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Progress report of the “Latvian Food Industry Competence Center” project (No
Project “Latvian Food Industry Competence Center”, Project no.; Project is being realised from 01. September, 2016 to 31st December, 2018; Total ERDF support amount for the projects is 3 206 250 EUR; Research is being implemented within the Latvian Food Industry Competence Center. Competence Center project goal is to support at least 14 studies in accordance to the defined study directions - developing new products and technologies in the industry and implementing them in manufacturing, therefore promoting research and manufacturing sector cooperation and raising the competitiveness of the industry companies. Latvian Food Industry Competence Center covers two research directions: 1) Latvian manufacturers’ market share increase, which covers: - Storage packaging studies; - Storage time and regime improving technologies; - New products for higher market preferences. 2) Increase of the added value and competitiveness of manufacturing, which covers - Food side product utilization improvements in products with higher added value; - Agriculture and fruit growing research for increasing the effectiveness of resource utilization - better fitting species, growing technologies; - New, innovative products with higher added value by maximally utilizing current markets, technologies and other manufacturing factors. In the period from 16th December 2017 to 15th March 2018, within the realization of the project RicBerry is continuing to work on development of the new product recipe and compilation of first results. Price survey of ingredient suppliers has been done and a supplier has been chosen. Latvian Food Industry Competence Center homepage:
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