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16.2. Support in development of new products, methods, processes and technologies
The leading partner of the project “Sustainable utilization of Latvian agricultural resources in development of innovative technologies and functional food products with heightened nutritional value”: “RicBerry”, Ltd., involved partners: - Latvian University of Agriculture (LUA), - A/h “Strēlnieki”, -A/h “Kannenieki”, - organic A/h “Rogas”; Project realization period is from 30.07.2018 to 30.07.2020. The goal of the project is to develop new, zero leftover processing technologies in the processing of fruits and berries and, develop innovative and functional food products on the basis of these technologies. These products would have a superior biologically active substance content and nutritional value and would also include biological products. During the last years there is an active search for natural ingredients which contain biologically active substances which would positively impact human health and therefore replace artificially synthesised chemical compounds. Within the project a price survey and a repeat rent object (Freeze Drying equipment) purchase through IUB have been done. The results have been compiled and a supplier chosen. The first phase of the research has been started - ingredient selection, activity planning and preparations. The goal of our cooperation is to create a tandem between the primary manufacturer and the processor and study the total ingredient lifecycle from the moment of creation (which includes localization, growing methodology and used resources, soil, weather and other factors which might influence the ingredient). This is important not only for ensuring a stable long-term ingredient quality but also determine the product qualities (fiber content, pectins, vitamins, minerals and other biologically active components) that an ingredient can provide. Within this project we will look for the most effective methods by experimenting with different innovative processing possibilities, we will analyze the chemical content and presence of biologically active substances in different types of fruits and berries. The new technologies are based on the production of new products which would containt only natural ingredients and which will not contain any added sugar or any other sweetener. It will be an absolutely natural, healthy product with high nutritional value and naturally preserved vitamins which will be useful and necessary for everyday use and will be great alternative to dietary supplements. Information was prepared by Ieva Viļuma, RicBerry Ltd.
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